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Your trusted stonemasons of Bridgeport, CT have the technical skills necessary to deliver high quality craftsmanship for your natural stone project. We work with stones of different shapes, variety, sizes, and textures so you can achieve the unique look you want. Our stone masons are skilled with shaping, carving and fitting irregular stones. We pay special attention to the pattern and design of the stones so that the final product showcases the unique qualities of the stone. 

Because of the many desirable qualities  of stone, it is used for so many applications including patios, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, floors, pools, decks, cladding walls, columns, monuments, and much more. Have you been dreaming about that backyard patio and you’re finally ready to make it a reality? Some of our favorite and most spectacular creations have been backyard patios. We can customize everything. From unique curved borders to rockwall seating areas, we have had many satisfied customers praise our workmanship. Join the many satisfied customers and contact Bridgeport Masonry Pros to get started on your natural stone project today!

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Advantages of Using Natural Stone

Natural Stone is an Eco-Friendly- Natural stone is the environmentally conscious option for your project. Being sourced directly from the Earth, it minimizes the need for extensive manufacturing processes and aligns well with green practices. Our masonry company is committed to ensuring your project only uses responsibly sourced natural stones.

The Availability Advantage of Natural StoneWhether your preference is granite, marble, limestone, or other types of natural stone, these materials are widely available. This accessibility means that we can be flexible with your design  and provide you with a range of options. No matter your project requirements, we have access to a broad selection of high-quality natural stones.

Natural Stone = Natural BeautyThe organic look of natural stone is a design aspect that cannot be understated. Each type of stone possesses distinct colors, patterns, and textures, ensuring your project is truly one-of-a-kind. At Bridgeport Masonry Pros, our skilled craftsmen specialize in bringing out the unique characteristics of each stone. Whether you’re aiming for a classic, rustic, or contemporary look, our varied selection of natural stones guarantees the perfect fit for your preferences.

Cost-Efficiency With Stone VeneerNatural stone veneer provides a cost-effective option without compromising the beauty and durability of natural stone. Veneer offers the same authentic appearance as full-sized natural stones but with reduced weight and thickness. This enhances transportation and installation efficiency, ultimately saving you money. It also allows for more versatility because veneers can be installed in just about any space. We offer natural stone veneers so we can provide you with an affordable option for your stone masonry project without sacrificing the organic look of natural stone. 

Natural Stone’s Return-on-Investment (ROI) Promise– Choosing natural stone for your project is an investment that yields a great return. Not only do you get to enjoy the timeless beauty it adds to your space, you can also appreciate the fact that it adds significant value to your property. Natural stone is some of the longest lasting material on the planet and is engineered to last 100s of years. Think of all the ancient buildings made from marble. Natural stone resists erosion when cared for the right way with routine cleaning and regular sealing.  Whether it’s enhancing curb appeal or increasing the market value of your home, natural stone ensures a great return-on-investment. Our stone mason experts guarantee that your investment is well-placed. Contact us today to get started.

Types of Natural Stone

Granite an igneous rock (formed from lava or magma) and it is known for its durability and wide range of colors, including whites, blacks, pinks, and grays. It is used in both exterior and interior applications due to its resistance to wear and tear. Granite is common for countertops, tile floors, and stairs. 

Marble a metamorphic rock, which means that it is formed by being subjected to a combination of high heat, pressure and hot mineral rich fluids. Marble is synonymous to luxury and has been admired for centuries as such. Its unique veining patterns include colors ranging from whites and creams to vibrant hues. Marble is a popular choice for pillars, countertops, hearths, floors and decorative wall features. 

Limestonea sedimentary rock that has a natural appearance with neutral tones. It is frequently used in outdoor applications like paving and landscaping. Many of the beautiful paver patios and stone stairs you have probably seen are made from limestone. It is exceptionally durable making it an ideal building material. It is a widely available natural stone that has many interior uses such as cladding panels, fireplaces, and even backsplashes. 


Sandstoneformed from sand-sized grains, offers a warm and rustic appeal and has hues that range from beige and tan to reds or browns. Sandstone is often used in exterior construction due to its desirable weather-resistant properties. You will often see it used for steps, columns, cladding facades, walls, or landscaping. 

Travertine- a subterranean limestone that is created when minerals dissolve in groundwater. It is versatile and comes in a wide range of shades including beige, ivory, and tan. It is very durable and heat resistant. Travertine is commonly used for flooring, countertops, walls, and bathrooms.

Slate- a fine-grained metamorphic rock that is resistant to chemicals and fading. Its most frequent color is gray, but slate exhibits vibrant colors like blue, green, and purple too. It is great for indoor and outdoor use. You will often see it used for roof tiles, floor tiles, walkways and wall cladding. 

Quartzite- a hard, metamorphic rock formed from sandstone, and it resists chemicals and stains.. It often has a sparkling appearance due to the presence of quartz crystals. Quartzite is most often used for kitchen countertops because it cannot be damaged by foods, liquids or cleaning products. You will also see it used for interior and exterior flooring because it is easy to clean and water-resistant.  

Basalt- commonly used in modern construction as crushed aggregate, it can be found in road base, filter stone drain fields, or asphalt pavement aggregate. If cut into thin slabs, it can also be used for building veneers or flooring. When left in large chunks you will see it in durable stone objects, monuments, and art. 

Soapstone- a metamorphic rock with a smooth, soap-like feel. It is also known as Stealite, and its natural hues range from light gray to green. Pure soapstone is unaffected by heat, acids, and chemicals making it a great option for countertops, sinks, and floor tiles. It is also valued for its heat retention properties, making it a popular pizza stones, pots, and commercial ovens. 

Onyx- a unique and translucent variety of quartz that often features striking bands of color. It typically has a black base with stripes of white or colored bands throughout. The colored bands include brown, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and even purple. It is prized for its translucency, allowing light to pass through. Onyx is commonly used for decorative elements such as floors, countertops, wall panels.

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