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We are the #1 concrete masonry company in Bridgeport, CT. With our commitment to excellence and decades of experience, we can complete any job, concrete block included, and deliver results that are unmatched. Concrete masonry involves the use of concrete blocks or prefabricated (precast) concrete to build structures. Our concrete contractors specialize in bringing your vision to life. From functional retaining walls that prevent land erosion, to masonry features that compliment landscapes, to structural cinder block construction, our expertise extends to any kind of job. 

Why choose us? We are the best paver installers in town, specializing in paver patios and driveway installation. We have a dedicated team of concrete masonry experts that ensure every unit we lay down adds both value and charm to your property. Explore the possibilities for your property with us today by contacting us now for your free estimate.

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Advantages of Concrete Masonry

Strength and Durability– Concrete masonry epitomizes strength, providing structures that withstand the test of time. Concrete block and precast concrete ensures a solid foundation that will resist weather erosion and other natural disasters. This construction material increases the lifespan of buildings while also reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Cost-Effective Choice– Not only do you save on the initial construction with the use of concrete, but the low maintenance that is necessary also saves you in the long run.  The economic benefits of using concrete cannot be understated when compared to other types of building materials. Lower maintenance costs, reduced repair needs, and energy-efficiency are all benefits of concrete that translate to substantial long-term savings. Concrete is the wise choice for homeowners and businesses looking for an affordable and high quality option.


Fire Resistance– Concrete masonry provides inherent fire resistance. Concrete is a non-combustible construction material. In the event of a fire in a home or business, concrete will maximize that amount of time that people have to get to safety. It can withstand high temperatures. This advantage not only safeguards lives but also minimizes property damage in the event of a fire, adding an invaluable layer of security to any structure.

Robust Structural Stability– Structural integrity is a hallmark of concrete masonry. The use of concrete block units and precast concrete ensures structures that meet and exceed the highest standards of stability. Data-driven insights from reputable construction resources emphasize the reliability of concrete masonry in providing robust structural integrity. This advantage is essential for buildings that need to withstand various loads and environmental stresses, ensuring the safety and longevity of the constructed space.

Insurance Savings– Because of all the benefits already mentioned, concrete masonry often qualifies for lower insurance rates, providing yet another savings advantage for property owners. Insurance companies consider the fire-resistant properties of precast concrete building materials as favorable and adjust insurance premiums accordingly. Concrete masonry is the easy choice for budget-conscious property owners considering long-term savings associated with construction materials. 

Energy-Efficiency– Concrete has great thermal properties that promote energy efficiency resulting in effective temperature regulation. The thermal properties of concrete slows down cooling loss on hot days when the air conditioning is cranked up. Conversely, it also slows heat loss in the winter months when energy costs can skyrocket. The energy-efficient qualities of concrete enhance personal comfort while also aligning with sustainable construction practices and environmental responsibility.

Endless Design Possibilities– Concrete masonry opens a gamut of design options, allowing for customization. Precast concrete and pavers come in various sizes, shapes, textures and colors giving property owners endless possibilities. Our paver patio contractors can explore a wide range of styles, textures, and finishes with you to ensure that the result aligns with your individual preferences and the vision you have for your space.

Sound and Noise Reduction– Similar to the thermal properties of concrete, noise transmission is also reduced, creating quieter and more comfortable living and workplace conditions. This is due to the density and composition of concrete which acts as an effective sound barrier. This advantage prompts a better quality of life for property owners, particularly in urban or high-traffic areas known for their noisy environments.

Increased Property Value– Investing in concrete masonry  for your renovation or new build translates to increased resale value. Some sources such as and Fast Sale Homes suggest that concrete can increase home value by 5 to 10 percent. Prospective property owners look for signs of a well built structure and nothing suggests strength and durability quite like concrete. Plus, those paver patios, driveways, and concrete block retaining walls improve the curb appeal, which is well documented by the real estate industry as increasing resale value.

It is clear that there are many advantages of building with concrete masonry. Contact your trusted concrete masonry experts today at Bridgeport Masonry Pros for your free estimate. 

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